Roslyn Cabins

If you are looking for that perfect family vacation to create memories that will last a lifetime, opt for Lodging at Lake Chelan in our Roslyn cabins. Our Roslyn, WA log cabins are made of purely natural materials. Logs are good insulators and hence help keep the Roslyn cabins cooler in summer and warmer in winter. So you will not have the air conditioner or heater running all day for the cabins to be comfortable.

The low energy needs make our Roslyn cabins environmentally friendly with a minimal carbon footprint. Additionally, our Roslyn cabins are made from natural materials, thus good for the environment as well.

We provide these choices:

  • House rental
  • Log cabins
  • Vacation rentals
  • Cabin rentals

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Roslyn Cabin Rental

Unlike many large hotels, our Roslyn cabin rental will allow you to enjoy privacy. Although some properties are situated close to other homes or recreational spots on the lake, being in a private Roslyn cabin rental affords you the opportunity to talk without worrying about noise levels, play with your kids in a larger space, and feel at peace while you are on vacation.

Additionally, because most properties only allow for one family at a time, you will not have to worry about bumping into strangers with our Roslyn cabin rental. Our Roslyn lake cabin rental offers a long list of fun activities like boating, swimming, or relaxing on the beach.

For enjoying privacy and having the option of doing fun activities as well, rely on our Roslyn lake cabin rental. We offer great features:

  • Lake vacation rental
  • Log cabin
  • Fishing cabin
  • Swimming

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Roslyn Lake Cabin

Our Roslyn lake cabin has a reputation for being stable and reliable in almost any weather. The Roslyn lake cabin will provide you a serene and peaceful setting for your vacation, regardless of the season. This means not even the harshest of winter weather or summer will affect the temperature inside of the Roslyn lake cabin.

When you are near our scenic Roslyn lake cabin, you can spend time in nature hiking and exploring the woods. Studies have shown that being in nature can actually improve your health, reduce your stress levels, and soothe inflammation.

In fact, spending time connecting with nature in our Roslyn lake cabin will help you improve your health. For a relaxed and memorable vacation, choose our Roslyn lake cabin. We offer the following:

  • Vacation house rental
  • Boating
  • Lake house rental
  • Vacation rentals

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