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When planning a vacation, exploring the options to find the best place to stay is only natural. You look for a conveniently located, clean and comfortable lodging facility that contributes to a relaxed, enjoyable stay. Vacation home rentals make an excellent choice for vacationers who want some fun-filled but casual, laid-back and leisurely time away from home.

The good news is that booking vacation rental homes near Lake Chelan, WA has just gotten easier! Lodging at Lake Chelan offers rental vacation homes in an enchanting, idyllic locale that is the perfect setting for creating memories to cherish forever. The lovely views and vibrant community around our vacation rental homes make a great backdrop for:

  • Passionate, romantic escapes for couples
  • Unforgettable getaway and bonding time for families or friends
  • Corporate outings that promote team spirit and alleviate stress

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Vacation Rental Homes Lake Chelan


The mesmerizing beauty of nature to feast your eyes on, endless water and beach activities, exciting wilderness waiting to be explored on foot or bikes, thrilling sports and outdoor adventures, community events to attend, wonderful places for delectable dining and eclectic shopping – there is a lot you can do while staying in one of our vacation rental homes in the Lake Chelan area.

Our well-appointed, spacious, airy vacation rental properties are also ideal for those who come to us to do nothing at all, just laze about far from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The unique ambience of our lakeside vacation rental homes quickly:

  • Revives the senses
  • Rejuvenates the body
  • Restores the spirit

We are sure everyone will have their reason for choosing our vacation home rentals fulfilled to their utmost satisfaction.

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Vacation Home Rentals Lake Chelan


There is nothing to match the feeling of breathing deeply in the fresh mountain air or sitting on a porch with a glass of wine and reveling in the tranquil atmosphere all around. Nothing picks up your mood better than looking at the beautiful countryside or engaging in some fun activities with your loved ones.

Our vacation home rentals near Lake Chelan promise you this and much more. A stay at our vacation rental homes is sure to prove:

  • A magical vacation
  • Money well-spent
  • An experience worth repeating

We look forward to hosting you at our rental vacation homes. Call us now!

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