Waterfront Lake Chelan


Living on a waterfront property is a dream of many, but comes true only for a few! The others, however, need not despair. They can fulfill their yearning and experience, though temporarily, the life they long for through Lodging at Lake Chelan.

We offer waterfront rental properties near Lake Chelan, WA where people can come for a short or long vacation. Staying at our waterfront cabin rental allows them to experience the serene ambience, fresh air, exotic views, water activities, beach sports and everything else that is unique to living by the waterside.

Happy guests are our #1 priority. We strive to cater to their needs and expectations in the most satisfying manner. All guests who book a waterfront rental home with us are assured of:

  • Comfortable stay
  • Stress-free, delightful experience
  • Memorable vacation
  • Excellent value for their hard-earned money

If you are interested in a lakeside retreat and want to learn more about our waterfront cabin rental options, call now.

Waterfront Rental Lake Chelan


To make the vacation a truly enjoyable time that our customers want to repeat, we see to it that our waterfront rental homes are:

  • Attractively designed
  • Spacious, airy and comfortable
  • Furnished elegantly and lavishly
  • Cleaned regularly and maintained well

We understand that even if you spend most of the day outdoors, taking in the spectacular sights, visiting the popular tourist destinations, and indulging in the various fun activities offered by the community, you need a welcoming, hygienic and well-appointed waterfront rental cabin to come back to.

It is our sincere hope that the time you spend both outside and inside our waterfront rental property offers the leisurely, revitalizing break you wanted from your stressful daily life.

Waterfront Cabin Rental Lake Chelan


There is a growing preference for our waterfront cabin rental among vacationers as more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits such properties offer over the traditional alternative of hotel rooms.

Our well-equipped waterfront cabin rental near Lake Chelan is a better choice than any of the luxury or budget hotels in the vicinity because it:

  • Provides a lot more privacy
  • Offers more flexibility and options for spending time
  • Is considerably more economical

You and your family/friends do not have to put up with disturbances from guests in adjoining rooms. Our cottage is completely yours for as long as you are here.

Book a waterfront cabin rental neat Lake Chelan today. Call Lodging at Lake Chelan at (509) 769-3448.